Educational Materials

Public Educational Materials

Public educational materials are critical in helping ordinary citizens and policymakers understand the importance of tobacco control and the dangers of interference from the tobacco industry. The following materials, which are regularly updated, can be downloaded and used as part of campaigns and advocacy. 

Monitoring the tobacco industry using the ATIM Mobile Application Technology

Tobacco in Uganda

World No Tobacco Day in Uganda

Understanding Tobacco Control: Sensitization preparation

Tobacco Epidemic in Uganda

Why Cigarettes Are Bad For You

We’ve heard it before: tobacco products are dangerous. But what makes tobacco products so dangerous? The truth is, it all comes down to the toxic chemicals found in all stages of the tobacco product life cycle, from growth to production to use. And it all starts here, with the tobacco plant itself.

The US’s Food and Drug Administration’s Centre for Tobacco Products has launched an educational video series:  “Chemicals in cigarettes: From plant to product to puff” to show the levels of harmful and potentially harmful chemicals in tobacco.

Part One

Part two

Part three

Risk of direct tobacco use or inhalation of second-hand tobacco smoke

Understanding South Africa’s smoking patterns and monitoring the tobacco industry

In Africa 22000 woman die of tobacco related diseases

How tobacco threatens the environment

Tobacco threatens us all: health and economic impact

Tobacco use in Africa by numbers

Tobacco affects Africa’s development: Africa must take action

Ways the Tobacco Industry Interferes

SA’s tobacco control policy implementation

The tobacco industry targets women and children