Economic Manipulation

Economic arguments used to lobby against tobacco tax increases

The tobacco industry is known to use factors such as job creation and tax contributions to show their “enormous” contribution to a country’s economy. 

The industry then uses these “economic arguments” to lobby against tobacco tax increases. But in most cases these figures exaggerate their economic importance. And evidence shows that the job losses in the tobacco sector has little to do with stricter measures to control tobacco. 

Aside from being sensational, the economic information that the industry produces ignores the negative impact that tobacco use has on people. It also fails to highlight how millions of people who develop disease from tobacco use must be treated with public funds.

Studies show that the claims about potential loss of jobs and other economic losses of more stringent controls on tobacco are exaggerated and that such losses are insignificant. 


The World Bank on tobacco tax

Tobacco tax is  the unconventional measure that could help in times of crises, according to Patricio Marquez and Blanca Moreno-Dodson.

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Uganda steps up tobacco tax

Uganda has tabled the Tobacco Control Bill before parliament in attmempts to improve its health awareness campaigns against smoking. 

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