Early findings from an ongoing E-cigarette study suggest the urgent need to close the regulatory gap in advertisement and marketing to youth

The Africa Centre for Tobacco Industry Monitoring and Policy Research (ATIM) has released early data from an online survey of young adults aged 18 to 34 conducted in 2021 and trends in purchase channels and sales volume between 2019 and 2022. These major findings were presented during the Protect Our Next Press Conference on May 30, 2023, indicating an exponential increase in sales volume of fruit-flavour e-cigarettes and an association between e-cigarette use and unhealthy diets among survey participants. The Policy Brief can be viewed by following the link below. https://www.atim.co.za/download/promoting-healthier-choices-encouraging-young-people-to-transition-from-vape-shops-to-fruit-and-veg-shops/