What can the “public health playbook” offer those advocating for a healthy, safe climate?

By: Jennifer Lacy-Nichols, Robert Marten, Eric Crosbie, Olalekan Ayo-Yusuf and Rob Moodie

Published: 28 July 2022

The experts write, “Many powerful businesses actively oppose public health policies and actions – for example, warning labels on alcohol or access to generic medicines – because these threaten their profits.”

Observing that this is achieved through strategies the businesses employ from what is called the ‘Corporate Playbook’.

“To combat this Corporate Playbook and advance health and wellbeing, public health actors (i.e. civil society, health professionals, regulators, policymakers and academics) need to develop, refine, and modernise their own Public Health Playbook. Our research establishes a pilot playbook..”

To help overcome these barriers by the powerful businesses, the experts analysed strategies from accounts of researchers and advocates working to combat the corporate playbook and present a set of eight strategies designed specifically for the public health community.

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