Tobacco Industry behind ‘vapers’ protest movement

A recent investigation conducted by European journalist “Le Monde” and “The Investigative Desk” (Netherlands) reveals a relationship between public opposition of e-cigarette regulations, tobacco companies and other corporate interests.

These findings were achieved through tracking activities setup by the Word Vaping Association (including a bus tour across Europe and rallying opposition to e-cigarette regulations) executed with the participation of anti-regulatory think tanks like the Consumer Choice Centre, Students for Liberty, and the Taxpayers Protection Alliance. This finding, according to the report, confirms that these groups are far from independent of the vested interests of tobacco companies.

The investigative team was able to dig up financial connections between the tobacco industry and libertarian Knoch funder to these think tanks and non-profit organisations including relations with the Canadian pro-vaping allies managed by Rights4vapers (a group whose activities are directed to vaping store owners).

The report alleges that this is not the first attempt by industry to influence Canadian health policy by setting up and funding smokers’ rights organizations and other fake grassroots (‘astroturf’) groups.

This finding calls for stronger efforts towards the implementation of Article 5.3 of the WHO FCTC Framework. Access full article here