MSH launches Tobacco Policy Action Fund for Africa

Management Sciences for Health (MSH) has announced the launch of Tobacco Policy Action Fund for Africa. This fund is set to provide grants to government to support implementation of laws compliant with the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.  

The Fund recognizes the significant momentum for tobacco control across Africa, including the adoption of many strong national policies over the last several years.  The Fund will assist up to five Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) signatory countries in sub-Saharan Africa to advance the implementation of these national tobacco control laws through results-based grants direct to governments and peer-to-peer learning. Specifically, the Fund will support implementation of smoke-free public places laws, tobacco advertising and sponsorship bans, graphic warning labels on tobacco products, operationalizing national funding mechanisms for tobacco control, and tobacco tax reform.  

The Fund is supported by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

The deadline for submission of Expressions of Interest/proposals is 7 August 2020 at or before 11:59pm EST

Reach out to for any questions about the call and application process.